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Dragonball Quotes

"What's a bath?" - Goku

"No wonder your hair sticks up you've probably never had a bath in your life." - Bulma

"Are you still mad that you don't have a tail?" - Goku

"Do you like bacon?" - Goku
"What are you, braindead?!" - Oolong

"Once I find all the dragonballs, I can wish for the perfect boyfriend!" - Bulma

"If the car ran on good looks I'd keep it going forever." - Yamcha

"But I thought Yamcha was your boyfriend...?" - Oolong
"He is, but I'm always looking for an upgrade!" - Bulma

"Alright. Time for my, Wolf-Fanged Fist!" - Yamcha
"You stupid humans come up with the silliest names for your attacks, but let me show how the real wolf attacks." - Unknown Wolf Fighter

"You rodent! You actually hit me!" - General Blue
"Get used to it, I'm just warming up!" - Goku

"I don't know what planet this kid's from, but it's not Earth!" - Bulma

"Ewwww! This bread has no taste and my soup's bitter, too!" - Goku
"That's not soup, kiddo, it's coffee. And how can you expect to grow big and strong if you don't eat right?" - Bulma

"I like marshmallows!" - Goku
"What does that have to do with anything?" - Krillin
"Well, I like marshmallows, and your bald head looks like one!" - Goku

"I wish for the world's most comfortable pair of underwear!" - Oolong

"See kid? It's my alluring pig appeal." - Oolong
"You're appealing as BBQ." - Goku

"So instead of a tail you have an extra butt?" - Goku
"It's not a butt! They're boobs, & in a couple years you'll think mine are great!" - Bulma

"I've fought girl scouts tougher then you, believe me I know." - General Blue

"Gosh! Are women like this where you come from?" - Goku
"No, most of them have tails." - Turtle

"I got sand in places I don't even know had places." - Oolong

"What are ya doin' in my bed ya little hedgehog!?" - Lunch
"I slept here last night, sir!" - Goku

"You're kinda pretty, for a girl I mean. It's a shame Bulma doesn't' look more like you!" - Goku
*Whack* "I'M PRETTY TOO, YA KNOW!" - Bulma

"What are you doing?!" - Bulma
"I'm seeing if you have a tail." - Goku
"I'm sure I'll grow one soon." - Bulma

"I see that you have two balls underneath your clothes... they're very important to you..." - Fortune Teller
"Oh yeah! Here!"*drop pants* - Goku

"I am the great Emperor Pilaf! Tonight I sleep without my nightlight!" - Emperor Pilaf

"Minds are like books, they're easy to read if you know how." - Master Roshi

"Hi, is this Fortune Seller Baba's house." - Goku
"Ehhh, Fortune Teller! And this is a palace, not a house!" - One of Baba's workers
"Who's this lady Goku?" - Konkichi
"Oh, that's Fortune Sayer Baba, Konkichi." - Goku

"Baldy!" - Chiaotzu

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