I Wish For A Storm I wished upon myself a storm; That it may wash away the images of you; That its drops running down my face Would mask the tears I shed thinking of you. For rest of the world the storm clouds clear; The old is washed away. The world seems fresh and new, And ready to start another day. But no dark clouds part my path; No such sunlight greets my eyes; No umbrella is over my head; No rainbow crosses over my skies. The rain washes no sadness away from me. I watch the rain fall to the ground. I let it fill me with such pain. I stay out in the storm so not to be found. I'll shed no more rain for you. The thunder echoes my cries. But I continue to cry because I want to. The lightning is a reflection of the fire in my eyes. Join me under the dark skies. Come and take my hand; And I'll lead you away from it all, Away from the Promised Land. I wish for you a storm, Simply because I care, To let you feel what you helped create for me, And to let you know that Iím there.
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